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Choose, Invest, Profit!

Participate with us in the rental income and appreciation of the property over time and enjoy the same share as when you bought your own property.


If you have at least 500 CZK in your "Wallet", you can become our investor. Every investment is secured by real estate.

Each month we will pay you a share of the rent from your invested property.

You also participate with us in the appreciation of the property over time.

If necessary, you have the option to sell your investment at any time.

Thanks to the investment thermometer, you can choose the ratio of the share of the rent and the expected appreciation of the property.

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We offer the same conditions to everyone, whether the investor is creditworthy or not. We aim not to divide our investors through various VIP memberships, etc.

Jaroslav Š.
Jaroslav Š.

I've been following the real estate market for a long time, but it's not working out for a standalone investment property yet, so I was interested in the possibility of participating in the rents within the Investido project and at the same time making a higher profit thanks to the growth in the value of the property itself. As the monthly returns are added, I am expanding my investments into other properties. It is definitely a conservative tool that I use in my portfolio.

Katka Š.
Katka Š.

I was always afraid to invest because I didn't understand investing. Investido has everything beautifully laid out and explained so anyone can invest in real estate. This allows me to evaluate my finances effectively every month.

Tomáš P.
Tomáš P.

I have been using Investido for about 3 months. Apart from the possibility of investing in smaller amounts, I see added value in the fact that the properties are selected by experts, which in practice leads to a higher return than I would get. For now, I'm happy and looking forward to the opening of the secondary market.

Blanka M.
Blanka M.

So far, I have only invested through traditional financial market instruments such as mutual funds and time deposits. I decided to choose INVESTIDO for several reasons, primarily because of the attractive appreciation, the possibility to set up my investment according to my wishes, and most importantly, to secure my investment with a specific apartment.

Lukáš K.
Lukáš K.

Since I am an inexperienced investor, I was afraid to get into such ventures at first. However, after email communication, the company willingly advised me on everything and helped me set up an investment strategy.

What have we accomplished?

We only came to light in November 2022, yet we can already boast these numbers:

0,0 MValue of assets
0,0 %Average annual appreciation
How to start investing?

How to start investing?

In the first step you only need to enter your e-mail and password, then you will receive a confirmation of your registration. After verification of your email address, you can access the client section.

To start investing, you need to fill in your identification information. Once you have entered them, you will be asked to enter into a General Contract of Participation. You will again receive a confirmation code by email. The contract will be accessible at any time in your profile.

After entering your identification details, a unique variable symbol will be generated for you, which can be found along with your account number in the Wallet section.

Once the payment has been credited to your Wallet, you can start selecting your first property to invest in

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